Image: Grouse Mountain Skyride

aerial tramway

An aerial tramway is a type of aerial lift with one or two cabins fixed to a cable. The distinguishing feature of aerial tramways is that the cabins shuttle back and forth between the end stations of the lift in a reversible manner. Aerial tramways are usually built with three steel wire ropes - two for support and one for propulsion. (This is the same rope configuration used by 3S gondola lifts, but 3S lifts operate with continuous circulation and have detachable cabins).


Type ofTCaerial lift
Also known asaerial tram
Has partTChaul rope
Used inIMérida Cable Car
InstancesIAhornbahn, IFjellheisen, IFunivia di San Marino, ILoen Skylift, IMérida Cable Car Segment 1 (Barinitas-La Montaña), 7 more…
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Grouse Mountain Skyride
Grouse Mountain Skyride
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Seilbahn Zugspitze
Route Capacity (passengers)50 - 1300 pphpd
Wikidata QIDQ498002
Explore Graph
Speed6 - 12 m/s

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