Image: Hòn Thơm Cable Car

3S gondola lift

DescriptionA 3S gondola lift or tricable detachable gondola (TDG) is a gondola technology that uses three steel wire ropes (drei Seile in German, giving the name "3S"). Two of the ropes support the weight of the gondola cabins, while the third rope provides propulsion.
Type ofTCaerial lift
Also known astricable detachable gondola
Has partTChaul rope, TCtrack rope
Used inIAlpin Express
InstancesI3K K-onnection, IAlpin Express 1, IAlpin Express 2, ICat Hai - Phu Long cable car, IHòn Thơm cable car, 3 more…
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Route Capacity (passengers)726 - 5500 pphpd
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Speed4.5 - 8.5 m/s